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The Architect 401(k) Solution

The Architect 401(k) Solution was established for the sole purpose to help employers today walk through the many land mines of the 401(k) retirement plan industry. We know all you want is an easy way for you and your employees to save for retirement without all the headaches and hassles of managing your own retirement plan that the government and DOL have put upon you. The Architect 401(k) Solution takes the responsibility of offering a 401(k) retirement plan off your plate. We have created an easy way for you to offer a low-cost, high-efficient retirement plan to your employees and get rid of what we call the "Hassle Factor"! The Architect becomes a single point of contact for you and your employees, eliminating confusion and enhancing the retirement plan experience. We take over all the day-to-day operations of running and administering a 401(k) plan. We believe this will be the last retirement plan you will ever switch to, because you will never want to go back and do it the "Old Fashion" way again!

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As 4.02 Fiduciary, The Finway group, takes on the same responsibility as the Plan Sponsor, standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder making sure all the "I's" are dotted and "T's" are crossed.

As a 4.02 Fiduciary, they are responsible for documentation, implementation, and maintenance to proper documents as required by the Department of Labor and ERISA laws. During this process, they monitor the plan and other service providers to ensure prudent behavior and decisions are being made on behalf of the Client. All while, choosing investment options while considering objectives, and diversification.

A 4.02 Fiduciary must take into consideration the needs of the client and the added value of services available. Utilizing regular benchmarking to compare and analyze comparable platforms every 3-5 years, to establish reasonable and fair pricing. As ERISA 3(16) Plan Administrator and 4.02 Fiduciary they ensure that the plan is operated strictly in accordance with the plan document and satisfies all the legal and regulatory rules, issued by the Department of Labor, ERISA, and the IRS.

Potential Exposure

There are several things that could lead to potential exposure in any retirement plan. Not all, but some of the reasons that a plan could find itself in trouble, are plan participants, Government, Administrative errors, Conflict of Interest with Investments and vendors, and Lack of Investment Diversification. You can alleviate problematic areas by outsourcing The Architect 3(16) Solution and 4.02 Fiduciary.

In 2015

  • $696.3 million collected by the DOL
  • 7.72 million website visits to DOL/EBSA website
  • 201,894 informal inquires by participants
  • 589 new cases opened by the DOL
  • Netted in $265.3 million in monetary recoveries
  • 24,278 Voluntary Compliance and Delinquent Filer
  • 2,441 DOL investigations closed, 1,640 found to be in violation totaling 67.2%